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Legal and Financial Industry


Legal and Financial Industry:    

Law and finance needs more accurate, professional and quicker language services than any other industry for their specification. In order to meet customers’ needs, Boyi will design professional language service program with professional qualification, rich experience and strict standards to promote the development of customers’ business.

The solution of legal and financial industry takes translation services as the core. We provide customers with professional and standard output with high reliability output by matching corresponding short-term escort service to meet the comprehensive language demands during legal and financial globalization.

Our solution can help our customers achieve the best experience of language information management, so that their target customers can obtain consistent information in all languages and channels –no matter in websites, ads or E-mail business.

Boyi will improve content consistency and translation quality by employing legal and financial terminologies and industrial vocabulary memory banks during the process of a project. Our translation project team adopts real-time online collaboration and resource sharing, which makes the translation quantity increase by 1-2 times compared with traditional translation quantity, and realizes the scale translation and timely response to customers’ needs.

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