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Service Items
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Certificate translation and seal

Certificate translation and seal:

Certificate translation includes translations for personal certificates and company certificates, which are mostly for immigration, study abroad,、visa、establishing company ,etc.The details are as follows like passport、license、property ownership certificate、single proof、diploma certificate、degree certificate、marriage certificate、divorce certificate、student’s identity card、retirement certificate、birth certificate、household register、invitation、resident permit、vaccination certification、study abroad swap date、report card、resume、study abroad planning、incumbency certificate、income certificate、written decision、litigation pleadings、trail、subpoena、real estate registration、mortgage instrument、pledge、memorandum、signing book、enterprise business license tax、articles of association、balance sheet、income account and so on .

Our advantages in certificate translation:

For a certificate to be translated, we first determine its field.Then, we will select a professional translator in this field to provide accuracy, professional and valuable translation.

Boyi provides translations for English certificates, French certificates, German certificates n and certificates in other languages. Our certificate translation involves many fields. We have rich experiences in translating certificates from various industries. Our translations enjoy a good reputation among our customers. We are committed to proving high-quality and speedy certificate translation.We look forward to cooperating with you.

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