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Service Items
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Interpretation and consecutive interpretation services

Interpretation and consecutive interpretation services:

Interpretation is that interpreters transfer one language to another language in oral. An interpreter should provide accurate and complete language communication in the first person without the limitation from customers’ education level, cultural background and other factors. Therefore, an interpreter is required to not only have a good command of foreign languages and interpreting skills but also have a profound understanding of relative industry、cultural background, occupation ethics and others relative knowledge.

Boyi has many kinds of services like business interpretation and consecutive interpretation. Here we will provide the following services and keep confidential all information from our customers.

Expatriate interpretation:

Our interpreters can be dispatched to different countries according to customers’ business development needs.

Escort interpretation:

Interpreters provide interpretations for field investigation, on-the-spot work, exhibitions and other activities by escorting individuals or small-size team.

Interpretation by telephone:

Interpreters can provide interpretations for three or more parties by telephone.

Consecutive interpretation:

Interpreters provide interpretations during the break between sentences or paragraphs in report meetings, trainings, business negotiations, etc.

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