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Service Items
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Document and patent translation

Document and patent translation:

Translation is a serious and solemn work. It needs translators to have profound knowledge of cultural background, great patience, quick mind, responsible attitude and diathesis of faithful translation, all of which can’t be replaced by any computer software.

Boyi has about thousands of excellent translators who master more than fifty foreign languages. We assign the most suitable translators and senior editors who comprehend relevant fields and culture as well as the language style to provide you with the translation of all kinds of transcript. Meanwhile, we promise that all information from customers will be kept confidential at any time.

Information translation:

We provide fluent and accurate written translations with fast delivery for certificates, correspondence, resumes, bulletin, urgent information and other materials. 

Official Document Translation:

We provide coherent written translations in conformity with industry habits for the documents such as contracts, agreements, patents, business plans, corporate annual reports, financial statements, financial analysis, market surveys, credit reports, prospectus, standards and regulations, official documents, rules and regulations, quality manuals, user manuals, specifications, product samples, bidding documents, invitations for bids, proposals for the projects, feasibility reports, environmental assessment reports, safety evaluation reports, test reports, medical diagnosis reports, judgments, arbitral awards, academic dissertations, overseas study and immigration materials.

Media Translation:

We provide written translations professional and faithful to its original with strong cultural appeal and good communication effect for the documents such as websites, film and television, enterprise profiles, publicity materials, important speeches, tourist information, historical document and literature data.

Book translation:

We provide written translations with the level of book publishing for the documents such as books, journals and magazines.

Patent translation:

The requirement of patent translation for the translators is much higher because a patent document is both technical document and legal document. Therefore, even some outstanding senior translators can not do it well to certain degree.

The two requirements of“faithfulness”and“expressiveness”should be paid particular attention to when we translate patent documents. The theory is that the translation should contain faithful information completely without any memorandum and discrepancy. And, the Chinese should be fluent and readable so that everybody can understand it without consulting the original text.

Boyi has a group of senior translators who are expert in patent translation (Chinese - English ).We also can provide (English-other foreign languages)translations for patent projects .

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