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  • 专注品质,专注效率,专注服务,专注人才

  • 立足中国、服务全球、追求卓越、信守承诺、崇尚敬业

  • 专业铸就品质,服务成就价值

About Us
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About Boyi

                              Boyi (Beijing) Information Technology Co;Ltd

 As a specialized language services supplier, Boyi always adhere to the four principles of “focuses on quality, on efficiency, on services and on talents”. Our company has been long engaged in providing customers with high-end translation、simultaneous interpreting、consecutive interpreting as well as localized solutions and so on in multi-languages including English、Japanese、Korean、German and French, which create superior value for customers. Now, Boyi has successfully provided more than 70 kinds of language services for foreign and domestic enterprises and institutions、government organizations、social services and individuals. We are specialized in finance、medicine、law、IT、communication、machinery、chemical industrial and other language service .

Boyi has always devoted ourselves in maximizing customer value since its establishment, which formed the philosophy of all by quality、efficiency and credibility, and built a scientific management system including strict quality control system、standardized management operation procedures、rigorous auditing standards、institutionalized management system for translators screening process and personnel database .

With so many years’ service operation, Boyi has accumulated abundant specialized translation services experience and formed a talent management team with an experienced and professional translators team of foreign language experts、returned over-seas talents and foreign language professionals from scientific and research institutions. This team not only possesses the excellent language, translation ability and professional competence, but also pursues excellence and keeps promises. Therefore, this powerful team ensures Boyi to provide customers with best-quality, high-efficiency and professional language solutions.

Holding hands with Boyi, you are choosing the best-quality, high-efficiency, profession and credibility and advancing together to create brilliant!



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